What’s your money personality?

Recognizing your money personality is the first step toward financial health. Knowing what drives your financial decisions, can help you reach smart money goals, whether that means spending less on impulse purchases or saving more for retirement.

“We have these beliefs clunking around in our heads, and for many of us it’s been passed down from our parents,” says Klontz, a financial psychologist and associate professor at Creighton University.

Those internal beliefs are formed by your childhood experiences, the community you grew up in and the habits of those around you.  After answering the quiz questions below, we’ll be in touch to discuss how your answers reveal your money personality!

Money Personality Quiz

1. When it comes to budgeting, you prefer to:

2. What does your emergency fund look like?

3. Your credit score is:

4. Do you ever buy things on impulse?

5. What are your tactics for meal planning and grocery shopping?

6. What kind of credit card(s) do you use?

10 + 8 =

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