Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much life insurance I need?

When using our free needs analysis, two factors are important. We assess how much it will take to pay your off your debt, including the mortgage, and how much your dependents will need to maintain the same lifestyle after you’re gone. By taking into account all of your current and future financial needs, we’re able to find the right policy that fits your family’s need.

Is Life Insurance through your employer enough coverage?

Life insurance through your employer is usually a plan that is in place only for as long you work for your employer. Once your contract with the employer ends, so will your life insurance plan. If you want to continue your plan beyond the employer, it will require new assessments that may involve a significant increase in premium.

Can I increase or decrease the benefit amount after the plan goes into effect?

Yes. As your life changes, your life insurance needs may change over the course of the policy so you should consider a flexible plan that will allow you to change the benefits and/or premium after it goes into effect.

I have a savings account, so why do I need an emergency fund?

Savings are meant to be invested or utilized for pre-decided and arranged buys like a house, vehicle etc. An emergency fund is an account wherein you put aside cash to provide for an unknown, unexpected crisis. It’s not a fixed sum for everybody — it fluctuates dependent on your way of life. If you have a true emergency in the future, such as a car repair or medical bill, tap into your fund. Your ultimate goal is to have three to six months of living expenses set aside. This sounds like a lot, but you’ll get there by making regular contributions. There’s real psychological power in knowing you have the funds to rely on if you encounter unexpected expenses or a job loss in the future.

How do I improve my financial wellness?

Financial wellness is simply defined as your relationship with money. Always pay yourself first. To begin your regimen, start by creating a budget; be sure to include a line item for retirement, create a plan to reduce debt, set short and long term goals, and determine creative ways to bring additional income into your household.

What are living benefits?

These days, life insurance plans offer far more than a death benefit. Living benefits involve benefits you can use while you’re still living. Such benefits can perform as an emergency fund, long term care, a college fund or a retirement plan just to name a few.

Is there an application fee to apply for the life insurance?

At Jamison Legacy Group, we do not charge an application fee. However, some insurance companies require an application fee prior to making a final decision to provide you life insurance.

Is a 401K, IRA or Roth IRA a good choice for retirement?

Never turn down a matching 401K plan unless you will starve to death because of the deduction from your paychecks. How often do you have people paying you to put money away for the future while getting a tax break on that amount? Any match is free money, so don’t pass it up!

How can I increase my income?

  • Ask for a raise.
  • Turn trash into cash by decluttering and selling your more valuable items online.
  • Get creative with cutting expenses and reallocating funds.
  • If you receive a paycheck, try temporarily adjusting your withholdings. By simply maxing out your allowances, you will start to receive a bigger paycheck with less money being taken out for taxes.
  • Learn a new skill and offer your expertise as a service.

Can money buy happiness?

Money Is simply a tool. The media portrays money as the root of all evil…how it corrupts the rich and tortures the poor. Money is not the issue. Our issues show up in our money. Money is more like a double-edged sword. If you earn a lot of it AND use it responsibly, it can do so much good for your community – however, it can also tempt you to cross moral and ethical lines out of greed, so be careful.

Can you use the Law of Attraction to manifest money?

Yes, you can! Money is energy; hence the term ‘currency’. The Law of Attraction is one of twelve known laws of the Universe that govern our abundance. Manifesting money is all about your energy. It’s about letting go of a scarcity mindset where you think there isn’t enough money, and visualize more fun, happiness, security and prosperity in your life. When you change your energy to that of abundance, you welcome money into your life. Ask and find out how!

What are some ways to save money fast?

  • Automate your finances. Use direct deposit and bill pay. Sticking your finances onto autopilot mode is one if the easiest ways to save money.
  • Try cutting meat out of you and your family’s diet 3-4 times a week. You’ll spend a lot less on groceries.
  • Drink less alcohol. Alcohol is one of the easiest ways to blow a lot of money.
  • Make your own coffee. If you’re buying coffee everyday at one of those cute shops on the way to work, STOP! Buy a coffee maker. You’ll save a bundle. Coffee is one of those expenses that creeps up on you.
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