This Disclaimer placed on JamisonLegacyGroup.com is to inform the website user and customers of Jamison Legacy Group of our policies regarding products and services provided by Jamison Legacy Group (herein referred to as “JLG”).


Due to the nature of JLG’s business model, once a customer has paid JLG for any products and/or services rendered, JLG has the right to refuse a refund.


JLG cannot guarantee the success of its customers’ financial situations without the full cooperation of all parties involved. As financial professionals, we guarantee our role as financial educator(s), coaches, consultants, teachers, etc.

However, if a customer does not strictly follow the advice and/or influences of any member of JLG, then any service or product provided to JLG customers will not be fully rendered and therefore ineffective toward the results that JLG customers experience.


The timeframe in which a product or service is rendered to a JLG customer is completely dependent on the financial product or service ordered by a JLG customer. Our mission is to help each JLG customer succeed in their financial goal(s), and as stated above, the timeframe in which the JLG customer might see perceived success is completely dependent on the cooperation of all parties involved.


Please contact us for more information about any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have regarding our products and/or services, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page here.

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